Anti-depressants intake during pregnancy linked with language disorders in kids

Washington D.C. [US], Oct. 13 (ANI): Mothers, who consume anti-depressants at least twice during pregnancy, had a 37 percent increased risk of speech and language disorders among their offspring as compared to those with depression and other psychiatric disorders, who were not treated with antidepressants, found a recent research.

Updated: Oct 13, 2016 17:44 IST

Excess consumption of marijuana may lead to bone diseases, fractures

Washington D.C [USA], Oct. 13 (ANI): A recent study has found that people, who regularly smoke large amounts of cannabis have reduced bone density and are more prone to fractures.

Updated: Oct 13, 2016 16:45 IST

Obesity in mothers could lead to high blood pressure risk in offsprings

Washington D.C. [India], Oct. 13 (ANI): Exposure of babies to high levels of the satiety hormone, Leptin, in the womb irreversibly activates receptors in the brain that regulate blood pressure and this activation may lead to a lifelong increased risk of high blood pressure and kidney disease, according to a new study by researchers from King's College London.

Updated: Oct 13, 2016 16:33 IST

Food contamination can be checked by turning off lights

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 13 (ANI): Purdue University researchers have engineered a new detection method that would enable them to traces E. coli (bacteria) contamination in food by turning off the lights to see if the bacteria glow in the dark.

Updated: Oct 13, 2016 15:45 IST

Exercise beneficial for patients with type 1 diabetes

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 13 (ANI): Type 1 diabetes (T1D) patients on insulin pumps stand to benefit by engaging in aerobic exercise, showed a recent three-month observational study on two groups of diabetics.

Updated: Oct 13, 2016 14:07 IST

New study uses brain receptors to suppress cocaine addiction

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 13 (ANI): Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) have used viruses to infect neurons with genes that allow them to switch on brain receptors involved in suppressing addiction relapse.

Updated: Oct 13, 2016 14:07 IST

Delhi Crafts Council presents 'Sarees of India 2016: Innovating Tradition'

New Delhi [India], Oct. 12 (ANI): Delhi Crafts Council (DCC) is all set to organize 'Sarees of India: Innovating Tradition', a three-day exhibition that brings together a carefully curated collection of handcrafted sarees from across the country.

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 22:32 IST

New solar powered health care screening kits launched for the Indian armed forces

New Delhi [India], Oct. 12 (ANI): In order to bridge the digital gap in the existing healthcare delivery eco-system, Medi Tech Innovations, a health-care IT start-up has launched the 'Solar Powered Health Care Screening Kits' for the Indian armed forces and para-military.

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 22:15 IST

Kids indulge in overeating courtesy television ads

Washington [USA], Oct. 12 (ANI): Exposure to food ads on television leads to overeating among children, especially those genetically predisposed to obesity, finds out researchers at Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 20:29 IST

Networking can enhance rapport between employers, employees

New Delhi [India], Oct. 12 (ANI): In a recent study, researchers report that offering opportunities for workers to network with their colleagues can reduce the likelihood of turnover by 140 percent.

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 20:00 IST

Parents of kids with food allergies are not necessarily allergic

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct.12 (ANI): A recent study highlights that only 28 percent of parents of kids with food allergies tested positive to the foods to which they reported allergies.

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 20:00 IST

Men purposely keep teenage girls away from birth control: Study

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct.12 (ANI)A recent research finds that menpurposely are breaking their own condoms and pressuring female partners in their teens and 20s to go without birth control in orderto get them pregnant.

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 19:46 IST

Enacting Shakespeare's play helps autistic kids in developing communication skills

Washoington D.C.[USA], Oct. 12 (ANI): A new study shows that recitation of Shakespeare's rhythmic language with physical gesture improves social and communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 17:52 IST

CRY highlights ten gender data gaps India needs to fill

New Delhi [India], Oct. 11 (ANI): With a population of 225 million, girls account for 48 percent of India's children. Yet, a girl in India continues to faces discrimination from the womb.

Updated: Oct 11, 2016 22:23 IST

Be edgy go veggie this festive season at Hard Rock Cafe

New Delhi [India], Oct. 11 (ANI): Hard Rock Cafe has launched its first ever all-vegetarian menu with delicious offerings available for a limited time.

Updated: Oct 11, 2016 22:07 IST

Absence of parents during early childhood linked to smoking, drinking before teens

Washington D.C. [India], Oct. 11 (ANI): Parental absence in early childhood due to death or relationship break-down is linked to a heightened risk of starting to smoke and drink alcohol before the child reaches his teens, suggests a recent research.

Updated: Oct 11, 2016 19:54 IST

Warm childhood environment can lead to better relationship quality 60 years later

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 11 (ANI): Growing up in a warm family environment in childhood is associated with feeling more secure in romantic relationships in the age of 80s, suggests a recent research carried out at Harvard Medical School.

Updated: Oct 11, 2016 19:05 IST

MONIN CUP 2016 winner to now compete in International bartending challenge in Paris

New Delhi, Oct 10 (ANI): MONIN - the world leader in gourmet syrups headquartered in France , announced the champion of the MONIN CUP 2016.

Updated: Oct 11, 2016 01:03 IST

AIFW to hold virtual show with designer Aneeth Arora

New Delhi [India], Oct. 10 (ANI): The forthcoming edition of Amazon India Fashion Week AIFW will bring 'Pero' by Aneeth Arora.

Updated: Oct 10, 2016 22:23 IST

Today's parents spend more time with their kids

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct.10 (ANI): As per a recent study conducted at the University of California, the parents these days spend more time with their children than they used to spend with their kids in the mid-60s.

Updated: Oct 10, 2016 20:21 IST