Scientists reveal why chocolate feels so good

Scientists have explained the physical process that occurs in the mouth when a piece of chocolate is consumed, as it transforms from a solid to a smooth emulsion that many people find completely irresistible.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 21:26 IST

Know all about Makar Sankranti and how it's celebrated in India

India is a land of immense devotion and festivities, where we have a plethora of cultures and traditions. When it comes to the Hindu culture, Makar Sankranti is one significant festival dedicated to Lord Surya or the Sun God.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 18:22 IST

Study explains why older fathers pass on more genetic mutations to their offspring

The male reproductive system serves as a hotspot for the emergence of new genes. Perhaps that explains why more new mutations are inherited from fathers than from mothers. It doesn't, however, clarify why older fathers pass on more mutations than younger ones do. The mechanisms that might underlie these well-documented trends have long remained a mystery. Now, a new study in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution by Rockefeller University scientists describes why older male fruit flies are more likely to pass mutations onto their offspring, potentially shining a light on inherited-disease risk in humans.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 15:10 IST

Lohri 2023: Know the origin, significance and celebrations of this Harvest Festival

Lohri is a festival that brings warmth to people's lives amid the biting winter cold. It is much more than just lighting a bonfire and enjoying singing and dancing. Check out the origin of the festival as well as its significance as a harvest festival.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 11:27 IST

Study reveals how better planning may help lower amount of fat in diet

According to new research, coaching overweight or obese pregnant women to improve their ability to plan and achieve goals may be critical to helping them reduce the amount of fat in their diet.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023 20:01 IST

Research suggests cheese might be healthier than you believed

Cheese, which is rich and creamy, tastes delicious on a cracker, with fresh fruit, or sprinkled on top of a bowl of chilli. The majority of Americans simply love it. The annual per capita consumption is 40 pounds, or slightly more than 1.5 ounces per day, suggests The Washington Post, an American daily newspaper.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023 14:18 IST

Is Lohri on January 13 or 14? Read more to find out!

The New Year has ushered in a glut of festivals, topping which is Lohri, the popular harvesting festival of Punjab. Celebrated across many states.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023 13:27 IST

Superfood special: Add these dry fruits to your diet plan this winter

The next phase of winter is here! And as it gets chilly day by day, prep yourself up to fight this out with these super nutritious winter superfoods...Yes, we're talking about 'dry fruits' and we all know that dry fruits are a staple in Indian culture. They are typically consumed during the winter since they can keep you warm and boost your immunity to frequent winter illnesses. Energy, protein, vitamins, and other vital nutrients are all provided by dry fruits for your body.

Updated: Jan 10, 2023 10:59 IST

World Hindi Day 2023: A day commemorating the third-most spoken language worldwide

Every year on January 10, World Hindi Day, also known as Vishwa Hindi Diwas, is commemorated. Vishwa Hindi Diwas was formed to mark the day when Hindi was first spoken in the UNGA in 1949. With about 600 million speakers globally, Hindi is the third most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and English.

Updated: Jan 10, 2023 09:51 IST

Study reveals variety of healthy eating patterns can lower risk of premature death

new study found that a variety of healthy eating habits are associated with a lower chance of dying before your time.

Updated: Jan 09, 2023 22:25 IST

Food insecurity directly linked to healthcare expenses in US: Study

Researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine have reported the findings of a new study that shows food-insecure families spend more money on health care than food-secure families.

Updated: Jan 09, 2023 14:56 IST

Some tips to stay safe while driving in fog

As visibility levels drop and people go through a nightmarish experience driving in foggy conditions, here are a few tips to stay safe.

Updated: Jan 09, 2023 09:34 IST

Study reveals that travelling away from home makes you feel healthier than staying home

As per a study conducted by UCL researchers, people who travel outside of their localities feel healthier than those who stay nearer to their homes.

Updated: Jan 07, 2023 15:01 IST

Gardening can help reduce cancer risk, boost mental health: Study

While getting more exercise, eating right and making new friends are all good habits, new CU Boulder research suggests the addition of gardening can have a powerful impact.

Updated: Jan 07, 2023 06:07 IST

Meaningful but unused items restrict sustainability: Research

Custom sneakers, vintage dishware, and a limited-edition automobile are all examples of products that owners may perceive as unique and precious, inspiring intense feelings of attachment.

Updated: Jan 06, 2023 22:33 IST

Climate impact labels on sample fast food menu had strong effect on food selection globally: Study

A new study has found that including climate impact labels on a sample fast food menu influenced participants' food choices in favour of more climate-friendly items. The study was led by a researcher at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Updated: Jan 05, 2023 21:39 IST

Travelling far from home good for health: Study

According to a new study led by UCL researchers, people who travel beyond the region of their localities feel healthier than those who remain closer to their homes.

Updated: Jan 05, 2023 10:53 IST

Researchers finds how time restricted eating affects gene expression in areas of body, brain

Scientists have demonstrated how time-restricted eating influences gene expression in more than 22 different areas of the body and brain. Gene expression is the process by which genes are activated and respond to their surroundings by producing proteins.

Updated: Jan 04, 2023 18:49 IST

Winter special: An ultimate guide to popular snow sports you can enjoy in India

Winter is here and the hills are calling us already! The best way to spend the winter is to head towards the mountains, where you can enjoy a warm supper and a drink while taking in the beautiful scenery. Different hill stations across the nation are known for their various snow sports. This season, give a shot at these super fun winter sports.

Updated: Jan 03, 2023 22:48 IST

Couples who work from home do not have same experience: Study

According to two related studies of workers in China and South Korea, working from home may be a better deal for husbands than wives in some ways in dual-earner couples

Updated: Jan 03, 2023 21:55 IST