Study identifies proteins that support photosynthesis in iron-deficient plants

Washington [US], October 12 (ANI): Researchers have identified how iron-deficient plants protect themselves from damaging light, according to a Dartmouth study.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021 22:58 IST

Neuroscientists charter hidden territory of human brain

Washington [US], October 12 (ANI): During a recent study, Technische Universitat Dresden neuroscientists discovered a novel, non-invasive imaging-based method to investigate the visual sensory thalamus, an important structure of the human brain and point of origin of visual difficulties in diseases such as dyslexia and glaucoma.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021 17:25 IST

Ocean life helps produce clouds, but existing clouds keep new ones at bay

Washington [US], October 12 (ANI): A new research led by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the National Oceanic, and Atmospheric Administration, and others significantly alter the prevailing understanding of how marine life influences clouds and may change the way scientists predict how cloud formation responds to changes in the oceans.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021 07:56 IST

Radio signals from distant stars suggest hidden planets: Study

Washington [US], October 11 (ANI): Using the world's most powerful radio antenna, scientists have discovered stars unexpectedly blasting out radio waves, possibly indicating the existence of hidden planets.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021 23:38 IST

Research shows climatic impact of black carbon aerosols is underestimated

London [UK], October 11 (ANI): New Research has shown that the full magnitude of the impact of smoke from seasonal fires in Central Africa and in particular, the potential climate warming from the absorption by the black carbon component of the aerosol, is underestimated by some climate models over the South-East Atlantic.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021 09:01 IST

Scientists discover new brain cells responsible for controlling movement

Washington [US], October 10 (ANI): A slew of new studies showed that the area of the brain responsible for initiating this action -- the primary motor cortex, which controls movement -- has as many as 116 different types of cells that work together to make this happen.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021 22:51 IST

Study: Baby products, common chemicals in electronics harm brain development

Washington [US], October 10 (ANI): According to the findings of new research, chemicals increasingly used as flame retardants and plasticizers pose a larger risk to children's brain development than previously thought.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021 15:57 IST

Scientists analyse first fresh samples from moon in more than 40 years

Washington [US], October 10 (ANI): A lunar probe launched by the Chinese space agency recently brought back the first fresh samples of rock and debris from the moon in more than 40 years. Now an international team of scientists -- including an expert from Washington University in St. Louis -- has determined the age of these moon rocks at close to 1.97 billion years old.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021 13:38 IST

Study unlocks drug testing of hormone-sensitive human breast cancer

Washington [US], October 9 (ANI): Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center and an international team of collaborators recently unlocked drug testing of hormone-sensitive human breast cancer through a mouse model.

Updated: Oct 09, 2021 23:23 IST

Neuroscientists uncover brain circuits involved in processing fear reactions

Washington [US], October 9 (ANI): During a new study, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre researchers identified a new brain circuit in the ventral lateral geniculate nucleus (vLGN), an inhibitory structure in the brain.

Updated: Oct 09, 2021 23:10 IST

Depression in Covid-19 survivors more treatable: Study

Amsterdam [Netherlands], October 9 (ANI): The findings of a pilot study has found that depressed patients, who suffered from COVID respond better to standard antidepressants than people who haven't had COVID.

Updated: Oct 09, 2021 16:38 IST

Critical effects of ageing on gut microbiome examined during new study

Washington [US], October 9 (ANI): Recently Cedars-Sinai researchers found that ageing produces significant changes in the microbiome of the human small intestine which is distinct from those caused by medications or illness burden.

Updated: Oct 09, 2021 16:22 IST

Researchers find promising results for Parkinson's disease treatment

Washington [US], October 9 (ANI): Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have found a way to make deep brain stimulation (DBS) more precise, resulting in therapeutic effects that outlast what is currently available.

Updated: Oct 09, 2021 12:58 IST

Study seeks to find ways for predicting COVID-19 severity risk among children

Washington [US], October 8 (ANI): An ongoing research has been looking at the relationship between cytokines in saliva and COVID-19 infection to help predict the severity of infection.

Updated: Oct 08, 2021 20:28 IST

New drug target for blood cancer, potentially solid tumours identified during research

New York [US], October 8 (ANI): The findings of a new study by Mount Sinai and UC San Diego researchers, for the first time, have shown how mutations affecting a cellular process called RNA splicing alter cells to develop myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and other hematologic malignancies and solid tumours.

Updated: Oct 08, 2021 14:26 IST

Study suggests Alzheimer's, COVID-19 share genetic risk factor

London [UK], October 8 (ANI): During a recent study, the University College London-led research team identified an anti-viral gene that impacts the risk of both Alzheimer's disease and severe COVID-19.

Updated: Oct 08, 2021 13:53 IST

Researchers attempt better understanding of cystic fibrosis

Ottawa [Canada], October 7 (ANI): Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) are hopeful that a new understanding of cellular defects related to Cystic Fibrosis (CF) could help pave the way for the treatment of the disease.

Updated: Oct 07, 2021 18:18 IST

Unprecedented rise of heat, rainfall extremes in observational data

Berlin [Germany], October 7 (ANI): A 90-fold increase in the frequency of monthly heat extremes in the past 10 years compared to 1951-1980 has been found by scientists in recent observation data.

Updated: Oct 07, 2021 16:53 IST

Study examines effects of air pollution on students' cognitive performance

Washington [US], October 7 (ANI): A new study has examined the relationship between outdoor air pollution levels and students' cognitive performance in Brazil.

Updated: Oct 07, 2021 16:45 IST

Neuroscientists roll out first comprehensive atlas of brain cells

Washington [US], October 7 (ANI): When you clicked to read this story, a band of cells across the top of your brain sent signals down your spine and out to your hand to tell the muscles in your index finger to press down with just the right amount of pressure to activate your mouse or trackpad.

Updated: Oct 07, 2021 16:43 IST